Thursday, 14 June 2012

Hello Blogger Friends

I came in my bedroom/craft room and LOOK!! thats cheeky!!!!! lol!!! he's covered up too!!!.
Well before i go to bed i wanted to say im sorry to my blogging buddies for not commenting much lately it takes me ages to get on peeps blogs.I changed to the new blog system, but i dont like, dont know if this is why it's so slow?!.
Anyhoo Tilly Trotter came today and brought me two gorgeous gifts that she did herself! so a big thank you to her!! it was lovely to see her although i had been to the dentist and couldn't talk proper lol!!!! you can imagine the things she was saying to that! lol!.
Tomorrow i will catch up and show you Tilly's gifts.(for my did i mention it?!!!!!! lol!!!!


Janet - aka stacky said...

Hi Jules I don't like the new blogger either but I suppose we will have to get used to it, Chadd looks a little cutie, we had to ban our cat from the bedroom she took a liking to the curtains in there and claws them they are full of pulled threads x

Jules said...

Hi Jules

Chad looks super comfortable there.

My system seems super slow! :-(

Birthday wishes to you too!!!

Love Jules xx

Unknown said...

Chadd looks so comfy, Happy Birthday, Mary x

Sally said...

Wow he is certainly settled :) Very cute indeed.
I haven't visited much either.....I have missed more great makes from you. Love Fizzy Moon especially.
Hugs Sally xxx

Chrissy said...

So cute, I used to love my cat doing that in the morning...a very Happy Birthday to you Jules, hope you had a great day..


pinky said...

Jules your cat looks so cosy, makes me want to go to bed. The weather here is cold and wet:( Have you tried using google chrome. I changed to that when I was having bother and its been great, touch wood, since.

Maria Therese said...

Popping by from Elaine's blog to wish you happy birthday!!

kay said...

hi julie,chad certainly looks comfy enough.hope your birthday card arrived in time and you are having a super day,x

Mary J said...

Oh, your kitty kat is so cute!

Teresa said...

Oh bless him he's gorgeous and so snug there in bed. xx