Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hi To you all, im having trouble! i cant get onto my reading list at all!! it keeps saying im not following anyone?.
Can anyone help me? please
Thank You ladies! i did manage to get in my readers list then did some commenting but now it's bedtime im hoping i can get back on it tomorrow! lol!


amanda stokes said...

Hi Jules,
That's happened to me a few times,i just sign out and then sign back in and it usually appears,hope that helps? :) x

coops said...

hiya jules. i get this a lot.i just refresh the page a few times until it comes back or go and visit docrafts for 5 mins and then try again.

xx coops xx

Doreen said...

It has been happening to me all day you just have to persevere, as coops said just try

Unknown said...

Yes its been happening to me today and then my blog dissapeared at 5pm and so I had to go through a whole rigmarole with google. But its back now. Refresh is probably the answer Hugs Elaine

Chrissy said...

Me too, I just click view my own blog then go back and that usually works..


Janette said...

Same here earlier Jules, just had to wait till it sorted itself the new look blog...xxxx

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Jules
Ditto with above comments, just try refreshing, or close down and restart.
Cheers Sue N x

Jules said...

Hi Jules

Sorry can't help you. No magic answers.

I hope you are sorted now.

Love Jules xx