Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hello All

Hello to you lovely peeps!
as you may have noticed some of you  i have been missing for a couple of  weeks, this was due to my mum was ill with pneumonia and in hosital.
Then i was ill with a bug thats going around, i have had loads of  probs with the comp again!!!!!!, im fell out with santa as he didn't bring me a new one!!! or a car!!!!!!.
Although i can have a used car if i want.
just to finish thought i would jus tell you i am in lots of pain mainly in the legs my doc said it was because i have a low vitamin D !!!!!!!!! neer heard of that one! lol!.
I am trying to get round to your blogs then i will upload some cards mainly from draft. are you still awake?!!!lol!!!! anyhoo bye for now! x