Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hello All

Hello to you lovely peeps!
as you may have noticed some of you  i have been missing for a couple of  weeks, this was due to my mum was ill with pneumonia and in hosital.
Then i was ill with a bug thats going around, i have had loads of  probs with the comp again!!!!!!, im fell out with santa as he didn't bring me a new one!!! or a car!!!!!!.
Although i can have a used car if i want.
just to finish thought i would jus tell you i am in lots of pain mainly in the legs my doc said it was because i have a low vitamin D !!!!!!!!! neer heard of that one! lol!.
I am trying to get round to your blogs then i will upload some cards mainly from draft. are you still awake?!!!lol!!!! anyhoo bye for now! x


Janet - aka stacky said...

Hi Jules I am so sorry to hear you are in pain and for all the problems you are having and not even a new car to cheer you up, I hope things improve for you soon. Take care of yourself xx

Sue - bearhouse said...

Hello Jules. Sorry to hear about your mum and then you being ill too. I hope things get better for you soon
Take care
Hugs Sue

tilly said...

pleased your Mum is getting better.And stopped smoking! get out in the winter sun and do some walking, do your legs good lol.
see you soon
Tilly x

ike said...

Glad to hear your Mum is getting better, and I hope you get shot of all your germs soon :-) You got no Vit D coz you need SUN !!! That's why peeps get SADS. Chug those D pills down and it will help :-)
I hope you get to feel better soon - sending healing vibes and trying to shush my sunshine your way :-) xxxxx

kay said...

Sorry to hear you and your mum have been ill.hope you are both on the mend x

Jackie said...

So sorry to hear about your pain and your various setbacks. I hope all soon comes together and you can get back to normal...hugs
Jackie xx

Doreen said...

Hi Jules,sorry to hear of your problems,hope your Mum is better now and your legs are less painful.Take it

coops said...

so sorry to hear about your and your mum been poorly jules.i hope your pain is better soon hun, take care :D

xx coops xx

Whisper said...

Oh you poor thing, you have been in the wars one way or another - never heard of that before with your legs though, have you checked it out on the internet ?, if not ask for a second opinion, i hope you feel better soon, thinking of you, Luv Sam x

Crafty Max said...

OH Jules what a ruff! time you have had. missed you I hope you get back fighting fit soon and a hug for your Mum x Crafty Max x :)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) and FLD Creative Designer said...

hi jules.... well i sure hope you're on the mend now. boy! i can relate to leg pain. i have an artificial hip and as of today it's 16 yrs old (life span 10-15 yrs). it's titanium so i don't think i'll need a new one but the doc says "it can loosen". oy yoy yoy. personally, i think it's from playing with my puppy. she likes me to cover her toy with my foot and then shove her away with my other foot. sheesh. worse than a kid - LOL.

anyway... glad you're up and about and i'll be keeping you in my prayers.

hugs :)