Saturday, 10 March 2012


Hi To you all i have been missing this past week as i had no internet properly and my phone was dead, anyway sky fixed them now.       I  also stayed with my mum for a few days.
I cant get to see any of your blogs through my list as it keeps saying im not following anyone?.Can anyone help me with that?.
Hope your all well.


Doreen said...

Oh yes Jules you have been missed, I am afraid I can't help with the blog issues,nice to see you

susan said...

Hi Jules,

I am not sure but I think you might have to start following them all again.

McCrafty's Cards said...

You Dont need to follow them all again, it just happens some times, that its blank, there has been a few blogger issues of late, you have been missed and I am glad to see you are back with us.

jules said...

Thanks so much!! and i have sorted the problem out now too!

coops said...

great to see you back hun.glad you can now see the blogs you are followinf,i normally refresh the page when it happens to me ;D

xx coops xx

Shaz said...

Glad you got yr blog sorted jules. love your card, such a cute image. x