Friday, 12 August 2011

Blogger Nuisance!

Hi All i just wanted to say i have been visiting your blogs and trying to leave comments but blogger wont let me do it on a lot of them?, when i click to comment it asks me to sign in then when i do it says im not authorised on that page!!.
I have seen stunning cards this week please dont think iv'e forgot you!.
bye for now from a rainy Oldham!


Shaz said...

Hi Jules, i was having the same problem. I unticked the stay signed in box and it seems to be working ok now. Perhaps give that a try. x

coops said...

aw hope you get sorted soon hun. :D

xx coops xx

CraftyC said...

What a pain in the neck. I often get "not signed in" so click on comment again and it works

Tracy xx said...

Hi Jules, I havwe had the same problem. Very frustrating.

Tracy xx