Thursday, 16 June 2011

What A Yummy Surprise!

I had to show you these! i was out at the hairdressers today and when i got back there was these gorgeous cakes!! .My good friend Tilly Trotter (Christine) had been and left them!.
She made them herself as it's my birthday tomorrow i will be 21 again!!! lol!.
So thank you Tilly i will enjoy eating these!!!!!.


Whisper said...

Oh what a sweetheart Tilly is, have a great day tomorrow and i hope my birthday card that i sent you has arrived, Luv Sam x

Aunty Sue said...

Wow if you need any help eating them you got my address. She iis a star. Happy Birthday

Dorcas said...


Joan Ervin said...

Yummmm!!!! Happy Birthday, Jules!!!! Have fun on your 21st b-day again..LOL!!!

tilly said...

hope you enjoy them Jules although I know you don't like cheesecake (because it has cheese in it)lol..... I know you will enjoy the raspberry and cream and the fruit loaf......... Happy birthday
Tilly x