Saturday, 2 October 2010

Linking to

Linking to This is a place where i can go in memory of my dear dad who got his wings on 18th July 2009.Miss and love you dad!.He always said when i had made a new card "oh thats the best one yet!!!" lol!!when i look back at these cards now i have to laugh! but he would never hurt my feelings!.


Lee said...

Awww that's my mums birthday.I tried to go on this site but it said no page.I will try again.Your dad sounds like he was a lovely lovely man.Huggies xxx

Eisbärin said...

Hello Jules,your dad sounds like a wonderful man! You told me ( and on DC) so much about him, it's almost as if I know him. He'll live on in your memory forever!
Love, Alex