Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Having a Bad Day!

Sorry if iv'e confused anyone in the blogging world but iv'e totally messed up while iv'e been uploading a couple of challenge cards!.First of all i uploaded one but didn't like the pic so i did it all again forgetting that i had already registered it on the Challenge blogs!!.I had to go back and redo them, then i uploaded a card but one of the challenges had finished which i didn't know so i deleted the card altogether but it's stll showing up on the blog roll?.Ooh what a mix up i need a lie down now!!! lol!!!,


Lizzy xx said...

Oh dear Jules you are having it bad today hun :( hope you get everything sorted out and have a better day tomorrow xx Lizzy xx :)

Netty said...

Been there, done

Aunty Sue said...

sending hugs having one of them myself. Lol. You do make me laugh though. Sue xx

coops said...

lol!! snap!! i`ve just tried to link to a challenge blog and linked it to my blog post instead, dur.
hope your day gets better :)

xx coops xx