Monday, 21 June 2010

Wow i won!!!

Im so chuffed to find out iv'e won Minas yummy candy!!! how lucky am i?!!!! thanks to Mina i just wish i could make cards as gorgeous as she does with it!!!!. Well it's made my day it's my grandaughters birthday today too! Lily Jo is 2yrs old!!!.I haven't had internet access proper for a while so will update my blog after tomorrow when the engineers been. Cheers to you Mina!!!!!!!.


Mina said...

your very welcome Jules, Im so glad you are pleased...could you email me and give me your address and if theres any one of my cards in particular you would like and I still have it just let me know...I hope you enjoy your goodies
Mina xxx

Patricia said...

Congratulations Jules, really pleased for you, when I read on do craft it was you I was chuffed to bits for you! Enjoy your wonderful prize and you get to choose a card of minas too Wow! Have fun, hugs Teresa xx

tilly said...

Well done Jules, enjoy your prize candy...... maybe now you can make a card worth giving !!! hehehehehehe, of heck.... shouldn't have said that ! lol
Tilly xx